How to Quickly Discover New Leads Using RepIQ

Do you find yourself dealing with any of the following problems?

  • Wasting too much time on leads who aren’t interested
  • Unable to tell if a prospect is really interested/serious about buying or not
  • Struggling to finding contact information for leads you want to email
  • Knowing if a lead would be a good fit or not

Most salespeople deal with these struggles on a daily basis. In fact, on average, 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting!

Here at RepIQ, we believe the best way to start prospecting smarter is by defining and targeting an ideal customer profile (ICP).

An ideal customer profile is a combination of demographic, technographic, and sales trigger traits which define the type of prospect you should target. You can learn more about creating an ICP here.

Here’s a example ICP:

Example ICP

The rest of this post will present step-by-step instructions to discovering leads who perfectly match your ICP using RepIQ. We’ll use the above ICP as an example throughout the post.

The first step to discovering new leads is to navigate to RepIQ’s homepage and select the advanced filters option.



RepIQ’s Ideal Customer Profile Builder (ICPB) will appear.

ICP builder

The first step of the ICPB is to select job titles. In the case of this example, we’re looking to target marketers, specifically those focused on SEO. Start typing a job title and RepIQ will suggested related titles.

type job titles

Pick as many (or as few) job titles as you like and click the “continue” button to proceed.

add all job titles

The next step is to select any specific locations you’d like to target. Once again, when you start typing RepIQ will make related suggestions.

add locations

Next, you’ll pick which industries you’d like to target. In this case we’ve selected the “auto” industry, along with a few related keywords.

add industries

Next you can add any technologies you’d like to target. Use the scroll bar on the right side of the tech box to explore all the technologies filters RepIQ offers.

open tech panel

For this example, we’d like to target companies using Marketo.

pick some tech

Next you’ll add filters for the size of companies you’d like to target.

co sizes

After clicking “continue,” you’ll have a chance to review all your selected filters and make any changes you’d like. Once you’re ready, click “go to results.”

click go to results

You’ll be directed to your search results.


You can use the bar at the top to sort your results by relevance, name, company site rank, and more.

sort results

You’ll see that for each result RepIQ includes a quick-glance view of key information. This information includes name, job title, company, a link to the company’s profile, and a link to the person’s LinkedIn Profile. There’s also a button to access a prospect’s email address.

key info on contac

Use the “Get Email” button to instantly access any prospect’s verified email address.

Untitled design (43)

To quickly access the email addresses and information for your entire list of results, you can use the “Bulk Options” button. You can select to add all the leads to your contacts or export them as a CSV.


RepIQ makes it easy to discover leads who match your ICP. And did I mention it’s free to get started? GET REPIQ TODAY.


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