The Sales Email That Generated $27,000 in 30 Days, The Invisible Sales Pipeline, & more

The Sales Message That Generated $27,000 in 30 Days

Jamie Shanks of Sales for Life presents his findings from testing four unique sales email strategies in “The Sales Message That Generated $27,000 in 30 Days


Who’s in your invisible sales pipeline?

Gary Smith uncovers a potentially untapped sales pipeline and provides some tips on how to better capture these leads in “Who’s in your invisible sales pipeline?


The Most Effective Email Ever

Justin Kao of Spiro Technologies recounts how he discovered a sales email template that got him an 85% open rate in “The Most Effective Email Ever

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The Data-Backed Case for a Service Level Agreement (SLA) Between Marketing and Sales

Skot Waldron of Multiple makes a case for how an SLA can close the gap between marketing and sales in “The Data-Backed Case for an SLA Between Marketing and Sales1-SwkPAMklGzEYhku3TfZsTg

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  1. I have an interesting twist to the Jamie Shanks email message story. In my current role, I do the SaaS marketing demos for prospects. Out system is an investment reporting application and the cost is rolled into our entire service offering. I also service clients after they hire our firm. I found that clients loved when I created screen capture videos showing them how to use the system to solve a problem. It was brought up at a client conference several years back.

    However, our firm changed email clients and limited outgoing attachments to a small size. Videos were no longer an option and despite my business case and client input on the value of creating short videos showing specific solutions, our company would not allow a secure area for me to upload videos that clients could access. I now rely on screen prints and text overlays instructing clients on solutions to using the system. It takes about 3 times as long to do a manual image with instructions versus a screen capture video with voice instructions.

    Bottom line – video works in both sales and service and clients place a higher value on video over text and static images.


    1. Hi Jerry, video is certainly an effective sales tool. Sorry to hear about your troubles with the new email server. I might have a solution for you. Have you tried ViewedIt? It allows you to include links to screen captures/videos directly in your emails to prospects. Hope maybe this can help!


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