How Sales Compensation Plans Impact Customer Churn, Which SaaS Metrics to Aim For, & more

How Sales Compensation Plans Impact Customer Churn

Mark Roberge of Harvard Business School breaks down how your compensation plan may be effecting churn in “How Sales Comp Plans Impact Customer Churn

The Right Customers At The Right Time

Scott Belsky of Benchmark Capital makes a case for why you don’t want all your potential customers right away in “The Right Customers At The Right Time

SaaS metrics — what am I aiming for?

Joe Knowles of Smedvig Capital specifies the LTV:CAC and CAC payback metrics you should be aiming for in “SaaS metrics — what am I aiming for?

What is a Product Manager?

David Smyth of Cabify defines the role and scope of responsibilities of a product manager in “WTF is a Product Manager?

The Podcast You Can’t Miss

The Startup Chat addresses all your B2B sales concerns in “B2B Customer Acquisition Q&A

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